Small Batch Kolache Baking in Colorado!

Our kolaches are handcrafted by loving hands that appreciate the fineness of gentle dough risings that create the fluffiest, tenderest kolaches available. Except for the raspberry filling, all of the fillings are made from scratch. We dry wonderful Palisades peaches and blueberries. We rehydrate all of our fruit and take the time to make unctuous, scrumptious fillings such as prune/cranberry, apricot and poppy seed. When in season, we buy locally sourced Loveland sour cherries and Western Slope peaches. We want your kolaches to be a culinary delight and bring memories of kolache times with your family and friends! 

Reminds me of my grandmother's kolache. Loved them, thank you so much!

J Aspiri

Lisa Boesen


Welcome! Introducing home-baked, small-batch craft kolaches to Northern Colorado!I love making kolaches!

 If you have ever made kolaches, you don't make just one. You make dozens!I remember making kolaches with my grandmother on the farm in East Bernard, TX. It's my goal to share my heritage and these treats with my customers!

 I have completed the Colorado Food Safety Certification and offer baked goods through the Colorado Cottage Food Act. Based on current law, I can only sell directly to my customers and I can ship only to customers within Colorado. In the meantime, if you are inside the borders of Colorado, please order online for shipping or local delivery! 

Tip: Kolaches freeze VERY well! Baking is generally every Monday and Thursday. Please order online if at all possible. 

 Please call me at 713-253-9308 for large, special ordering situations such as events, gatherings, etc. 

1713 Waterford Lane, Fort Collins CO 80525

Baking days :Generally Mondays and Thursdays. 

7 a.m. - 5 p.m.